Frizzante Gelber Muskateller 2020

9,00 inkl. MwSt.

'Bright green-yellow with an elegant perlage. Delicately fragrant, animating on the nose, with juicy tangerines, elderflower and lemon balm. Dry, with a delicate residual sugar, creamy carbonic acid, lots of fruit on the palate, light, harmoniously integrated alcohol, with a long finish. A perfect aperitif! Let‘s celebrate parties!‘ Sommelier Marin Widemann.

Most drinking pleasure:
1-3 years at 6-8° C 

Alc. 11,5 vol. %

Food pairing:
Great solo wine or as aperitif, but also wonderful with fruit salad, goat cheese or fruit sorbets.

Vineyard & Vinification:
We take a part of the Gelber Muskateller grapes from the Rösselberg for this extremely fruity-charming Frizzante. To provide it with elegant fine mousseaux and gentle perlage, it has just 4 bar pressure.


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